10-Pack Yellow Stand Here Shoe Print Social Distancing Floor Vinyl Decal Sign

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New Life PPE is dedicated to manufacturing high quality vinyl floor decals to guide customers on social distancing. We know how important it is to follow CDC guidelines to keep yourself and your business safe. Customers need to keep their social distance by at least 6 feet. Our social distancing floor stickers that are colorful and can easily be seen on the floor to help guide the crowd. Let your customers shop with ease knowing the rules provided by the CDC are followed by your business and employees. The vinyl decals can keep you, your customers, family members, employees and friends safe by following CDC recommendations of social distancing at least 6-feet! New Life PPE Floor Vinyl Stickers will help guide your customers so they can easily follow social distancing guidelines. The vinyl stickers are larger than most, 10 x 10, that a person cannot miss it. Our vinyl signs use the bright and vivid colors that stick out from the surrounding environment and ideal for high traffic foot areas.

  • 6-Feet Apart Social Distancing Vinyl Stickers | Social distancing floor decals are everywhere. Use our stickers at every entrance, checkout lines of supermarket, hospitals and restaurant to remind customers they need to keep their distance from each other and follow CDC guidelines to reduce the spread.
  • 10 x 10 Colorful and Large Vinyl Decal Stickers | We produce vinyl floor decals that are larger and brighter than most competitors. We use the best quality vinyl available for maximum durability and color. You can’t miss these large 10” circles when shopping at the store.
  • Busy Foot Traffic Areas Need Guidance |The floor sticker decal is perfect for crowd control in busy areas. Use the sticker in places such as pharmacies, banks, labs, grocery stores, Dr. Offices, hospitals, malls and anywhere else that has a line of people. Help keep everyone safe by practicing social distancing and staying 6-feet apart while in your business.
  • No Sticky Residue | We use high quality vinyl that is stronger and more resilient against heavy foot traffic. They can be easily peel off and do not leave a sticky residue behind on your floor that collects dirt.
  • Manufactured in the United States | New Life PPE designs and prints all vinyl signs, in house, from their Los Angeles warehouse and ships to you for direct savings!