Bulk Case of 50 Pro Sanitize 2oz Hand Sanitizer Travel Size

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At New Life PPE we understand the importance of safety for customers and employees, which is why we provide affordable PPE for businesses and personal use. We are always ready to keep your home or office stocked up with hand sanitizer and PPE. This bundle case-pack contains 50, 2 oz. Pro Sanitize hand sanitizer travel bottles. The hand sanitizer is manufactured in the United States and is soft and gentle on skin while being deadly to germs and bacteria. Pro Sanitize hand sanitizers are manufactured with 70% Ethyl Alcohol, which is effective at killing 99.99% of germs without soap or water. Hand sanitizer is recommended for high foot traffic areas that require constant disinfecting. The 2 oz. bottle is the perfect size for quick trips to institutions, stores, businesses, etc. Follow CDC guidelines and help keep the people around us healthy and safe by disinfecting, wearing facemasks and social distancing. The hand sanitizer is gentile enough on the skin without drying out or causing irritation while providing maximum protection. It is free skin irritants such as parabens, phthalates, preservatives, and other harsh ingredients.

  • Pro Sanitize | Pro Sanitize is the leader hand sanitizer gel and sanitizing wipes that neutralize bacteria and germs. Ideal for your home, office, school or any one who wants to protect themselves. Pro Sanitize products comply with PETA and FDA guidelines to make sure they are safe to use.
  • Germs & Bacteria Don't Stand a Chance | Pro Sanitize uses 70% Ethyl Alcohol in their hand sanitizers which disrupts the functions of the fatty membrane encasing of a virus or bacteria cell preventing it from functioning normally.
  • Great Smell| Pro Sanitize uses a pleasant natural scents leaving your hands smelling fresh and clean without any sticky residue unlike other competitors sanitizers.
  • Good for the Environment | You can save money by using hand sanitizer and a cloth wipe instead of paper towels and water to regularly clean surfaces and or hands. Add a small amount to surface or hands and wipe.
  • Produced in the United States| All products are registered with the FDA and follow all regulations. For the best quality and control, Pro Sanitize is a GMP compliant manufacturer, WERC certified and registered with Chemtrec.