Custom White Label 2 oz. Hand Sanitizer Bottle

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Give your team a personalized touch of protection with New Life PPE custom 2 oz hand sanitizer bottles. The custom labeling appears on the packaging of the bottle Setup fee of $45.00 for first-time orders on any printing job. Make sure your office or home is always stocked up with hand sanitizer with this 2 oz. Pro Sanitize hand sanitizer travel bottle. Specially formulated in the United States, it is soft and gentle on skin while being tough and destructive on germs and bacteria. All sanitizers are made with 70% Ethyl Alcohol which kills 99.99% of germs without soap & water making it the ideal method to disinfect. Use this sanitizer in a high traffic area that requires constant disinfection. The 2 oz. bottle is ideal for on the go trips to institutions, stores, businesses, etc. Help keep your family and those you care for healthy and safe. The mild formula was created to be gentile; it’s free of parabens, phthalates, preservatives, and harsh ingredients, so it does not dry out or irritate the skin.

  • White Label Hand Sanitizer | Our hand sanitizer gel and sanitizing wipes are ideal for the home, office, schools and industries of all kinds. All products follow all necessary measures to comply with PETA and FDA guidelines.
  • Kills Germs & Bacteria | Formulated from 70% Ethyl Alcohol to disrupt the fat membrane encasing of a virus or bacteria cell essentially killing it.
  • Pleasant Smell | Unlike competitors, Pro Sanitize leaves your hands smelling fresh and clean without any sticky residue.
  • Environmentally Friendly | Save time and costs associated with using paper towles and water to regularly clean hands and surfaces. Just use the pump to add desired amount of sanitizer and wipe.
  • Made in USA | All products are registered with the FDA. GMP compliant manufacturer. WERC certified and registered with Chemtrec.